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Posted - 19 Apr 2010 :  07:46:47 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Found via TechDirt:

Steve Ballmer Tasked With Fixing The Deficit -- With A Video Game
from the you're-going-to-need-a-bigger-laser-gun dept
by Karl Bode - Fri, Apr 16th 2010

The Obama Administration has appointed Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson to lead an 18-person, bi-partisan commission tasked with tackling the country's deficit. USAToday is running a fairly typical piece looking at the multitude of moving pieces that contribute to the nation's fairly-staggering $12.8 trillion debit load, and the variety of partisan and often factually-challenged bickering that surrounds the debate. Buried down at the bottom of the piece is an odd solution to a very complex problem. According to Bowles, the commission has contacted Microsoft's Steve Ballmer about Microsoft creating "a deficit-reduction video game" that would allow the average American to attempt balancing the budget. Details are scarce, but it would appear that the likely browser-based game would act to "virally" educate the public on how reducing the deficit isn't easy. In other words, it's a PR move designed to seemingly justify why we continue to fail -- instead of solving the problem. And here we were busily waiting for a Tea Party MMORPG, or Halo 4: Die Deficit Die.

What do you say to this? Instead of doing what a lot of companies are doing to reduce their debt (cutting employees, trimming discretionary spending, finding low-cost alternatives to getting things done) we're going to make a video game to say "whaaaa its hard"?

There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.
- Will Rogers

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Posted - 20 Apr 2010 :  05:26:30 Show Profile Reply with Quote
I'll do it.....if I get paid the same as the guy that's supposed to be fixing it .
What a whinger ! , suck it up mate , of course it's tough ,that's why you get paid the big bucks . Tell him I'll send him a box of tissues....big baby

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