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Posted - 04 Feb 2007 :  12:38:49 Show Profile Reply with Quote
I've been getting some questions lately about how to get some photos in the forum posts. At this point in time I do not allow uploads to the forum itself, but you can link to photos stored elsewhere. Just post the link inside the image tags - [img]yourlinkgoeshere[/img].

Wondering where you're going to link to? Some ISPs offer you some space to use, or you could use one of the many sites dedicated to hosting images. The terms of service may or may not allow for what is called "hotlinking" - i.e. directly linking to the image instead of a page at the host's website. Make sure you check with that provider.

What are some of the sites I can use to store photos?
  • One of the guy's I know runs a storage site - - which is free to use and will even help you generate the image tags you need to insert into the forum post. There are some limitations, so read the terms...
  • Photobucket - - is one of the two most popular photo sharing services out there.
  • Flickr being the other -
  • There are some free web hosts floating around out there, but most tend to frown on the whole hotlinking thing..

I'm quite certain that there are many others out there, but these are the first ones that come to mind.

Be warned now: I will not tolerate posting of copyrighted material. If it is yours, feel free. Some people allow you to reference there work, but request that you link to that specific page on their site - if its fine by them, its fine by me. If I'm asked to remove a work I will do so. I said all this to get it out of the way. Unlike the major players, I don't think that most people are copyright fiends out to steal anything and everything they can. I think that most people just don't understand the mare's nest that is copyright law...

Also be warned: This is a Christian forum - No Porn. Shouldn't have to say it, but...

Please let me know if there is anything unclear, so I can clean it up and add this to the FAQ.

Happy posting!

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